Who We Are

 ECA  Sales, Inc. specializes in the distribution and repair of Electronic Currency  Acceptors for the amusement, vending, and kiosk industries.  The ECA  Sales, Inc. team has decades of service in the customer service,  electronics, sales and technical support industries.We distribute  Innovative Technology Ltd. products for domestic and international  businesses.

Innovative Technology was founded by David Bellis in 1992 with the purpose of providing Bank Note Validators and Electronic Currency  Acceptors of high quality at a reasonable cost around the world.  David  Bellis has been an innovator in the coin operated industry for more  than  50 years.  Innovative Technology has become a major supplier to businesses in many different industries and is currently the top provider to the European market for Bank Note Validators and Electronic Currency Acceptors.  Innovative Technology is headquartered in Oldham, England and has offices located in Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Unites States, and China.  In January, 2000 Innovative Technology opened an office for support of their products in the United States using the company name  of  Automated Transactions Inc.  To represent the company founder's name Automated Transaction's name was changed to Bellis Technologies, Inc.   In 2013 ECA Sales, Inc. purchased the assets of Bellis Technologies, Inc.

Phone Number: 815-467-3975